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  • Step 1: If you want to win $$$ read the Rules…(click on “Rules”)
  • Step 2: Musicians upload recordings (click on “Upload music”)
  • Step 3: Playlist creators submit your playlist for one or more of 10 categories (click on “Submit a Playlist”, inactive until July 15, 2021 but you can start making playlists now!)
  • Step 4: Listen and Vote (click on “Vote” button; inactive until August 15, 2021)
  • Step 5: Win $$$


Imurj needs to know…

Who crafts the best playlists from among the > 1,600 recordings on Imurj Radio?

"The Imurj NC Playlist Contest"

  • Over $3,000 in cash prizes
  • Promote local NC music
  • Reward the best musicians and the most tuned-in NC music lovers
  • Scroll down for step by step instructions

Awards: Imurj NC Music…

  • 1. DropMaster: Ten playlist creators each win $100! (1 winner per category).
  • 2. Headliner: Ten artists/bands appearing on playlists with the most votes in each category each win $100!
  • 3. Top Draw Champion: One artist/band appearing on playlists with the most votes across ALL categories wins $1000!
  • 4. Localphile Listener: Ten listeners who vote for the winning playlist in each category win $100!